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Custom Double Deck Exhibits by Size, including Labor:


Up to 30’ x 30’

  • 10 Designs
  • 3 Variations
  • Starting at $27,800

The ME2020 Trade Show Double Deck Exhibit is by far the most popular custom exhibit rental we offer. At $31,900 furnished, including transportation and union set up and dismantle, its an amazing value. It’s a full featured double deck exhibit for barely more than renting a standard single level custom 20’x20’ island. Where as with a traditional island exhibit you are forced to use up much of your floor space for storage and meeting areas, this double deck only takes up a little over 70 sqft leaving over 300 ft. of usable unobstructed floor space in a 20×20 booth space. With the extensive customization and graphics options, you’ll be sure to have all of the visibility, room, privacy, and storage that a double deck can provide. Minimum floor space required for this group of exhibits is 20′ x 20′.

Up to 40’ x 40’

  • 6 Designs
  • 10 Variations
  • Starting at $60,000

There’s really nothing like the BG4040 tri-level exhibit, anywhere and this is just one of 16 designs shown in this category. The architecture itself is compelling and supports your marketing message with the kind of power that’s hard to find in any size exhibit space. The SC4040 is another standout design with a towering presence, Turnkey rental cost $130,000. Be sure to view all 6 designs in this category including the 10 variations shown and we’ll combine the design elements you need to get the perfect fit for your company’s presence on the trade show floor!

Up to 50’ x 50’

  • 7 Designs
  • 9 Variations
  • Starting at $69,800

The LI5040 shown here provides an open spacious layout on the floor and upper deck level at $70,400 for the structure including transportation and labor. The unique catwalk design provides a compelling environment upstairs and on the ground level below.

The spectacular ON5040 provides riveting visual appeal and presence furnished, at $97,850. Whether you wish to have us store your graphic free each year for multiple years or make a big splash for a special occasion, these exhibits are designed to be functional and memorable, each creating their own unique visitor experience!

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Double-Deck-Exhibit-Rentals.com takes the guesswork out of custom trade show exhibit logistics and management by providing a wealth of designs, specs and published pricing.

Fixed cost Turnkey Pricing

Published prices cap all transportation, set up and dismantle costs, free graphics storage.

Flexible Designs to fit your needs

Over 40 pre-priced designs that let you personalize your exhibit to meet your unique needs.

Custom Rental Trade Show Exhibits

Published pricing caps cost Transportation and Labor Pre-Show

We specialize in Custom Trade Show Exhibit in Las Vegas because its a popular venue and Las Vegas is the hub of our warehousing need for cites west of the Mississippi. Double Deck exhibit rentals are perfect for larger Island booth spaces on the trade show floor. We’ve divided our wide array of exhibit design offerings into three booth size categories to make the process fast and easy!

We focus on Double Deck Exhibits because they offer the most value and our pricing makes them more affordable than people think. Custom Exhibit Rentals allow for exact sizes, colors, meeting space, hospitality and visibility required by a major trade show project. They are created with exacting specifications and they are the best exhibit option for companies that have detailed needs and larger budgets.

We have many sample designs that can be changed to meet a client’s needs although because we have such a vast offering, we find clients tend to choose their own favorite design.  Besides being customized to meet a particular company’s needs, they are not typically available with transportation and labor included, with fixed pre-show pricing. Our Custom Rentals offers an excellent alternative to a Custom Exhibit purchase for many clients. because they stand out on the show floor and costs are capped which eliminates concern over cost overruns.

The cost of Custom Exhibits in Las Vegas