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These custom exhibit rental designs

in our large 50 x 50 size category offer unprecedented value

Spectacular designs like these generally come with a price tag that can easily increase on the set up floor but like all our offerings, Double Deck Exhibit Rentals caps your costs pre-show. In addition to avoiding cost overruns in show services costs, there are no yearly storage and other costs associated with traditional custom houses. Management costs are also minimized because we take care of most of the legwork and coordination.

Unprecedented value in these custom exhibit rental designs available in our largest size category

If money were no object, you could spend every cent you had on the flashiest custom exhibit design that you can find, give the exhibit design team free rein to let their imaginations go wild and create you something spectacular and then hire a host of talented performers, models, and auxiliary staff and plan a huge demo or performance.

Businesses with a huge product launch who are really trying to pull out all the stops for the next trade show (and who have the sizable budget to do it) may have a money is no object-orientation. For the rest of us who are a bit more restrained in your budget for exhibit design and your next trade show appearance, you need to pay more attention to value.

Spectacular custom designs like these generally come with a price tag that grows between shows

Of course, value doesn’t mean finding the lowest cost or being willing to spend unlimited funds.  When shopping for an exhibit the goal is to find the best ROI that you possibly can. That’s how you maximize value for your business. Avoiding the costs for storage alone can save many thousands of dollars, another benefit for using a custom exhibit rental. Avoiding the need for a fully staffed trade show management staff can save even more. Much of the management costs are covered in our rentals and because we coordinate transportation and labor, the value of peace of mind and ability to focus on

Also, you need to realize that if you make value your number one priority, you may have to sacrifice some quality and flexibility in the process..in purchase scenarios. What you need to know is what your needs are. How often do you attend trade shows? Do you just want to have a presence or is your strategy to always make a ‘splash’ at the next trade show? If you aren’t exhibiting more than once a season and your company’s strategy lies more with the former line of thinking, custom rental exhibits are much more affordable.