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TensionLite Hanging Signs

TensionLite Hanging signs come with a One Year Warranty. These basic structures are perfect for rentals and tight budgets.

trade show hanging signs


trade show hanging signs


trade show hanging signs


TensionLite Plus Hanging Signs

TensionLite Plus Hanging signs come with a Lifetime Warranty. We offer an incredible range of shapes and styles, printing inside and outside, printed or unprinted bottoms and amazing custom shapes!

trade show signs

Custom – Tiered – Illuminated

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trade show signs


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trade show hanging signs

Square and Rectangle

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hanging signs


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The Benefits of Using a Trade Show Hanging Sign

Whether you’re new to the trade show circuit or you’re a veteran exhibitor, you’re well aware of the importance of getting people into your booth space. Of course, you know that having an eye-catching exhibit and friendly staff can help increase traffic, but in many cases, an effective hanging sign can make all the difference in the world.

Promote your Brand!

Promoting your brand is your number one goal at any convention, and you want to take any opportunity you can to do that. Hanging display signs are an ideal way to get your branding info out there and into the minds of visitors. Trade show hanging signs significantly increase your exposure at an event, largely because they are visibile throughout the show floor. We offer a wide range of shapes and styles to meet your unique needs.


Custom hanging signs also contribute to the overall aesthetics of your exhibit booth. Many exhibitors only consider the space immediately around them – the walls and the floor. Obviously, these are crucial areas to cover, but what about the space overhead? Add some color and balance to your trade show display by including a few hanging signs to fill up some of that vertical space.


Another reason to use trade show hanging signs is that they’re cost-effective. You’ll spend money upfront getting your signs – and the cost will vary depending on the size and quality you go for – but hanging signs can be used over and over again. Because they’re in the air and out of the way, they’re also less likely to incur damages during shows, meaning that the average lifespan of a hanging sign is pretty lengthy.

Easy to Store & Transport

Signs are also one of the easiest items to transport to and from exhibit locations. They consist of just a few parts, so it’s a simple matter to pack them up and store them between shows. When you’re ready to move them to a new location, just grab the storage case and go.

Show Rules and Regulations for Hanging Signs

1) The top of a sign may not exceed the height limitation specific to the booth location and show regulations. The Exhibitor Manual provides detailed information about this.

2) All Hanging signs must be sent to Advance warehouse, using the hanging sign shipping label included in the exhibitor service manual by the specified deadline date.

3) Generally the total weight limit of the sign or materials is not to exceed 1500 lbs

4) All signs, regardless of size, should be constructed of lightweight metals and plastic to allow greater flexibility and ease of installation.

5) The Final placement of all hanging signs is determined prior to installation to insure minimum stress to the supporting framework.

6) No signs are to be hung from any electrical fixtures, raceways, gas, air, fire protection piping, supports or hangers.

7)All electrical and neon signs must conform to electrical codes of the venue.

8) Many show Decorators take responsibility for assembling hanging signs. In those cases, carpenter labor through a display house is not allowed to assemble your hanging sign. Each show has different rules for this.

9) Set-up instructions must be included with the Hanging Sign Order Form and with the sign crates.

10) Because of the structure of the ceiling and the location of exhibits in relation to support beams, the hanging sign may have to be moved from the original specifications.

11) Exhibitor personnel or display house may supervise on your behalf. Exhibitors who do not provide supervision (either company personnel or display house) agree to accept the charges for time, materials and equipment as determined by RES

12) You are required to make arrangements prior to move-out for the outbound dismantling, packing and shipping of your hanging sign. RES cannot be held liable for damages or misplacement of sign(s) should outbound dismantling arrangements not be made. All pertinent information and arrangements must be given to the Service Center

Arranging Rigging

All your rigging needs to completed before your flooring goes down and the installation of your exhibit begins.

 If you have ever been on the floor during set-up, it is a busy, crowded place! Fork lifts are running in every direction with crates, pallets, and boxes along (and sometimes in) every aisle. By hanging your sign as early as possible, you are giving the rigging team the room necessary to move their equipment around to hang your sign.


Clear accurate instructions to the Riggers

Just make sure you note exactly where the sign is hung (number of feet from each side), the height at the top of the sign, and the direction it should be oriented in. For example, if there are three logos state that one logo should face a specific spot/direction. We will provide a detailed grid plan for rigging along with electrical and internet drops. If you or your exhibit supervisor can be on site to oversee, that will help the team should they have any questions.

Scheduling is everything

Realize that although you may specify a certain time for rigging, it doesn’t always mean that is when it will happen. Most people request an 8:00am installation (first of the day), and the rigging team obviously cannot accommodate all the requests. Also, hanging signs can take time depending on the various sizes, shapes, quantities, and complexities, so be patient. Your best bet is to swing by the show desk as soon as you arrive on site to schedule and talk through when you can ideally expect the riggers to arrive. And remember, they also need to take the sign down after the show; although this is much faster than rigging them initially!

Signs need to be assembled first, usually by Union Labor.

Riggers do not put together your sign(s), your labor team is in charge of this step. So make sure you schedule your team accordingly and have your sign(s) ready to go. The moment the riggers arrive in your space they will be ready and they may not wait around.

Your sign must arrive early and separately from your exhibit

The most important thing you need to do is to ship your hanging signs to the Advanced Warehouse. Even if the rest of your exhibit is not ready, plan to ship your sign(s) in advance. Many shows will request this and even provide specific labels. This will ensure that your signage will deliver to your space early/on time.