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Triple Deck Rental Exhibit | TC4020 Upper Left

A TRIPLE Deck Exhibit Rental with Two Grand Staircases

The TC4020 Triple Deck rental exhibit is an advanced design that features three impressive 9 x 17 upper decks at two heights. Two straight staircases with landings lead to the upper deck. Walls can be added to make the three areas private with the added benefit of more graphic opportunities. The extra height middle deck is a great place for an exclusive VIP area where you’ll be higher than any other double(or triple!) deck on the tradeshow floor. Downstairs you’ll find a massive open layout ready for walls, kiosks, and product placement areas designed to your specific needs.

Triple Deck Rental Exhibit | TC4020 Lower Left

Triple Deck Rental Exhibit | TC4020 Lower Middle

Triple Deck Rental Exhibit | TC4020 Lower Right

SEE DESIGN VARIATION A | Click on the arrow to open or close

A Variation of the TC4020
SEE DESIGN VARIATION B | Click on the arrow to open or close

B Variation of the TC4020


PURCHASE PRICE: t. Call or email for pricing


  • Structural truss system
  • Stairs
  • Wall frames and doors
  • Rails
  • Deck boards
  • Lights, ceilings
  • 1/4” frosted plex rail infills
  • Signs hardware
  • Unprinted sintra infills and wall panels and 7 crates
  • Est. weight 10,000 pounds
  • 3 9′ x 17′ Second Levels
  • 2 Straight Stairway with landings
  • Ceiling with Telescopic Lights



  • Column mount workstations – $380 / each
  • Rectangle designer counters w/ shelfand graphics – $1,145 / each
  • 4-shelf lit racks – $280 / each
  • Laptop shelves – $220 / each
  • Column mount swivel LCD mounts – $175
  • Column mount fixed LCD mounts – $150
  • 6’ straight sign w/ graphic and 2 lights – $1,474
  • LCD mount – $350 / each
  • Coffee table – $1,008 / each
  • 9’ long coffee bar w/ graphics – $3,306 / each
  • 5’ side table w/ shelf – $1,310 / each


PURCHASE PRICE: Call or email for pricing


Items added are valued at over $27,192:

  • 4 Leather Lounge Chairs $650 each
  • 2 Sectional Sofas $ 2,700 each
  • 2 36” Diameter meeting table  $325 each
  • 4 Curve back stools  $169 each
  • 2 36″ Low tables $325 each
  • 3 30″ Bistro tables $290 each
  • 2 6’ Long counter $1,948
  • 2 Large reception counters $1000 each
  • 2 Locking storage counters upstairs $450 each
  • 4 Double sided Norton Workstations $2,200 each




  • Graphics Package A | Upper signage: $5930
  • Graphics Package B | Lower signage: $1440
  • Graphics Package C | Upper and Lower Signage: $7370
  • All packages include infill columns in 12 standard color
  • Cost of printed stair risers: $864 each

More Info about The TC4020

The extra height middle deck creates an impression as it towers above the exhibit floor and opens up the lower level to a huge 10′ clearance entrance way. Under the extended height middle deck is open and grand. You can lead clients to the standard height sides where the height difference creates a more intimate and personal feel to the space. There are storage closets under each landing, a real advantage on the tradeshow floor. If more storage is needed, the area under the stairs can be enclosed for an absolutely massive amount of storage without sacrificing useable floor space. These walls also add great surfaces for more graphics.

Four in-fill panel signs above the entrances and stairs welcome attendees to your booth. Additional signage, including curved radius framed signs of any size, can be added anywhere on the structure. The closet walls offer great graphic spaces and the stairs can have printed graphics on the risers to create the impression of a continuous image. The back of the exhibit is an excellent opportunity for a huge wall mural.

Deciding to rent a double deck exhibit is similar to switching from an inline booth to an island exhibit. A TRIPLE deck exhibit puts you in another league on the show floor. Become a destination for exhibit attendees rather than simply another booth!