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Design Ideas for Double Deck Trade Show Exhibits

We’re known for providing published, fixed cost pricing and cost-effective exhibit design solutions. In addition to our extensive collection of videos, photos and stock designs, we’ve added a snapshot view of design ideas. Scroll down below the design ideas to learn more about how best to choose among them!

Graphics and Visuals

Double Deck Exhibits With Backlit Logo Graphics

Backlit Signage Mural and Railing Graphics

Our logo signs and mural walls are now available in backlit form with spectacular results. Billboard size logo signs can be mounted on the upper level, high enough to be seen across the show floor. Eye level messaging opportunities are maximized on lower level walls because our standard ceiling height exceeds 8’ with mural walls 20’ long and more.

Double Deck Exhibit Design - View From Lower Level

Ground Level Views

Part of the magic that multi-level exhibits provide is on the lower level. You can control the look and feel of this area in a number of ways. Creative lighting is the easiest way to get impressive results. A large bar can provide casual hospitality and a pleasant way for sales staff to interact with customers. Lounge seating creates a feeling of being invited into your home. Private meeting areas with frosted acrylic walls can feel like a presidential board room. Most important, you can leave a lasting impression about who you are and what you provide!

Double Deck Exhibit Design With Exterior Walls

Total Transformation

Solid, exterior walls provide huge billboard graphic space and can give you complete control in creating an unique experience for your customers. Extending overhead signage in other areas of your booth space provides additional messaging capability while defining your entire booth space.

Double Deck Exhibit Design With Exterior Walls

Utilizing Creative Graphic Design

Structure and Functionality

Double Deck Exhibit Design With Ceiling Over Second Level

Structures That Add Height

Second level structures exponentially increase visibility and enable unique messaging capability. Ceiling canopies reduce noise and create unique environments. They are highly visible from ground level, increasing your visibility on the show floor. We use fire rated materials that do not require sprinklers. 

Trade Show Double Deck With Extra Offices

Office and Meeting Areas

Built-in and free standing meeting areas are available in a wide range of formats. Frosted acrylic window walls provide an open feeling and comfortable air circulation. Our split level deck design provides an exclusive feeling and a nice separation upstairs. The 10’ ceiling below the raised area creates a unique and memorable environment not generally seen in two story structures. 

Trade Show Double Deck Hospitality Design

Options for Hospitality

Comfortable Lounge seating, Bistro Tables, Bars for good and beverage are just a few option we offer.

Outdoor Double Decks

Outdoor Trade Show Double Deck Exhibit

Outdoor Double Deck Exhibits

The solid engineering of our decks is certified for use nationwide. It enables people to take advantage of the ability to have two-story structures at outdoor trade shows like ConExpo, music festivals, and sports events. View all Outdoor Two Story Double Decks here.

Double Decks for Music Festivals and Sports Events

Two Story Double Decks are used for VIP areas and viewing platforms at music festivals and outdoor festivals. They create a strong visual anchor and can be nicely illuminated for evening events.

We’re focused on the kind of Form Follows Function Design that appeals to business minded exhibitors and attendees.

We believe that our straightforward approach to design, functionality provides a refreshing experience for both industry veterans and taking things to the next level novices appreciate real value.

The secret to our success:
Straightforward, functional design
Fixed cost, pre-show pricing that includes labor

Your final decision is going to be based on functionality, budget and design. All of that, balanced by an anticipated ROI. Our offerings range from $25,000 to $150,000. In the big picture, if an investment of $80,000 results in $2MM of addition sales, then it’s money well spent.
A recent client, invested around $150,000 and issued a Press Release a few months after their show, announcing a $2MM increase in revenue. They are a technology/software company that does not sell physical products like others who sell tangible products but still, the choice of what to do is based on lots of things. Making a big splash  for X dollars is not the same as making an investment with an expected rate of return.

First and foremost, know what you want and how you think you’ll get there

Sometimes, lots of flash is not the way to go, unlike a lot of other companies. You could spend $30,000 in graphics or have a larger exhibit for $15,000 more and just spend $15,000 on graphics. We store your graphics for free until your next show so of course, that expense only needs to be made every two or three years. After the first year, the graphics have already been produced.
Ultimately, your decision is going to be based on the agreed upon strategy determined by Sales and Marketing. Some companies only have a vague idea of what that looks like. If your goal is to increase sales, your target market might be larger chains that don’t yet sell your products, for example. In that case, you’d want meeting space for corporate execs from companies larger than yours, who always stay in the best hotels and live lifestyles on that level. So, one or more meeting spaces for them, catering to how they see the world blended with who you are. Your marketing is not about splash, so you would want a middle area blend of the two. One way or the other, you’re going to need meeting space, but should it be private or semi-private?

What does your Sales and Marketing team think, after talking things over?

Sales and Marketing might say that they want distributors to understand how profitable you are because you have enough market share to go big. Like a wake-up call that says hey, I didn’t know they were that big. We need to jump on the bandwagon because obviously, we’re missing out on revenue opportunities and your company is the way to go.
Sales and Marketing might say that not all distributors carry all of your products, so you’d want an impressive presence that makes clear, the breadth of what you offer. In that case, the cost of private offices is better spent on graphic messaging.
Based on our corporate experience over the last 40 years, we’ve learned that setting a goal, establishing a strategy and then taking the risk involved to make the goal is the way to go. Playing safe doesn’t make dreams come true. Knowing what you want and what it will take to get there will. Once that is clear, then we can best serve you.

The Formula for Success

We, ourselves, are well capable of building $250,000 exhibits and more. We can do that cost effectively. Because we specialize in this, actually, companies that spend $1MM in trade show marketing could, to some degree, cut that expense in half. If the other $500,000 of investment is better spent in other areas, then that’s the smart way to go. So, our average price sale has doubled over the last few years. We are well capable of offering that value, unlike anyone else. Our experience, expertise and business model provides far more capability than we realized. So, our ideal client is one who sees things that way and wants to go to the next level.
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