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New Trade Show Exhibit Rental Designs For 2022 in Las Vegas

Today, Las Vegas Shows Attract More High-Quality Attendees.

New designs we’ve created are perfect for shows large and small, especially as the companies that have looked to the post-Covid future have done, as we have. We are showcasing new products and services that will serve the companies that saw a bright future, regardless of current challenges. Over the last 30 years, after 9-11 when everything stopped for 2 years, the Great Recession, another two years, Covid, another 18 months…  we’ve maintained the talent to overcome every challenge. We know what it’s like. Our job is to support other companies that are making the effort. Learn more About Us.

We’ve come up with some exciting options for backlighting everything from entire 10 ft and 20 ft. inline billboard-style wall displays through our single-level exhibit rental site to 8′ wide x 12′ high reception area entrances and double-deck exhibit logo signs. Handsome new workstations both free-standing and built-in, also feature lighting effects for eye-catching appeal. Double Deck Exhibit designs feature new ways to create upper-level offices.  Exhibitors at major shows in Las Vegas like SEMA and CES stand the most to gain from the custom options we’re introducing! Visit the About Us page for more information. View all of our Custom Exhibit Rental Options Here.

We are here to serve those companies who choose to make their mark and grow.

Here’s how we work.

Design Overview

Design Overview

Expanded Accessory Options

Workstations, Furniture and More!




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Double Deck

Visit our Turnkey Video Theater to see a variety of exhibit designs

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Displays on the net now provides a full review of all Portable Display and Modular Exhibit format to assist exhibitors in determining the optimum solution for their trade show needs!

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