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A revolutionary new concept in Custom Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

 A new concept that saves your valuable time and puts the information at your fingertips at a time convenient to you..for ALL booth sizes nationwide. 

Creative solutions with customized results

Published, fixed cost turnkey pricing is another first.

trade-show-double-deck-exhibit-las-vegas-me2020FrontWe prevent cost overruns that can be as much as $20,000 on large double decks. The price we invoice you for is the price you pay, regardless of what the setup days and hours are. Union installation / dismantle labor and transportation are the two most common sources of cost overruns. Double Deck Exhibit Rentals.com gives you peace of mind knowing that you won’t have surprise costs that get billed after the show. Why it makes sense to rent a Double Deck Exhibit Display.


Get a custom look tailored specifically to your company

Exhibit Rentals don’t need to be standard cookie-cutter style. Particularly in the competitive Las Vegas market, you need to put your best foot forward. We encourage you to call or email our highly experienced staff to discuss your exhibit rental or purchasing needs. Our 20+ years of experience mean that we’ve seen and been through everything this industry has to offer. After your order for your Las Vegas trade show exhibit has been completed, we’ll be there throughout the whole process to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Turnkey Exhibit Rental Solutions in Las Vegas

We provide TurnKey service that includes transportation, set up, and dismantle labor. Our clients avoid these common areas of cost overruns and enjoy the benefits of pre-show, fixed-cost invoicing. You can set a budget for your trade show knowing that you’re guaranteed to come close to it when all is said and done.

Letting us handle the work instead of your own busy staff lets them sell and focus on their core responsibilities. That makes good management sense. It also lets booth staff feel refreshed and motivated at the show. We take care of the time-consuming complexity of managing transportation and graphics production for you. You avoid the hassle of storing the trade show display yourself… or paying someone else for storage. Working with a company that can coordinate Turnkey Trade Show Rentals nationwide, makes the difference!

We use our Las Vegas location to warehouse a large supply of our modular single-level and double-deck rental exhibit components. We have a tremendous advantage over other suppliers because our extensive inventory is modular. The variety of 10 ft. displays, as well as 20×20 Island Exhibit designs available, exceed the needs of most exhibitors.

Double Decks – Our specialty in Las Vegas

Double Decks continue to provide the greatest value for exhibitors in Las Vegas from across the country. Again, the benefits of an extensive inventory and the ability to take advantage of modular engineering provide us with many unique advantages. Aside from cost savings, the range of available designs is impressive. Sizes range from 10 x 10 decks to larger mega decks as well as creative solutions for outdoor shows like ConExpo! Visit this section of our website to learn more about the wide variety of solutions to design and budget requirements we offer.

We want your next show to be your best show, coming in at or under budget and we want you to have more control in the process. We understand that many exhibitors who rent custom exhibits want to use Double Decks but the complexity of the process is an obstacle.

We offer a wealth of design and cost information that gives you peace of mind in making informed decisions. You’ll see design ideas that provide benefits to your unique needs and get a good idea of what your budget can do.

The price and design options the Double Deck Exhibit Rentals.com concept offers saves your valuable time and puts the information at your fingertips at a time convenient to you. .

Las Vegas Location

We specialize in custom trade show exhibit displays rentals for trade shows in Las Vegas, Our clients exhibit in cities across the country as well. We also offer a nationwide display rental service for all booth sizes as well.

Exhibit Design options tailored to your needs

multi level exhibit

We offer several unique benefits to our clients beyond making the process easy.  Because we specialize in these type of custom exhibits, we have the expertise to ensure your budgeted amount stays the same without the risk of unexpected add on costs.  We partner with you to ensure the exhibit functions well according to your sales and marketing requirements. From providing traffic flow plans to spectacular graphics that set you apart from the others.

DoubleDeckExhibitRentals.com gives you a wealth of design options unparalleled in our industry.  Our standard ceiling height is 9′ which is above industry standard and our Tri-Level deck designs add a nice and functional flair upstairs with 12′ ceilings downstairs.  All ceilings are completely finished with no visible structural elements and adjustable track lighting.  Stair and railing panels are frosted acrylic with available hard panel graphics.

We offer a variety of colors on column and header infill panels at no extra charge. These can be printed as well.   Custom options like locking storage, built-in or surface mount flat screens, product shelving combine into the perfect blend to suit every need. Private conference rooms with locking doors are available with air-conditioning as well. We even provide refrigerators. Please review the design options shown or call for a guided tour to discuss your specific needs!

State of the art exhibit engineering saves on Material Handling / Drayage costs

We’ve engineered patented state-of-the-art structural components that offer great improvements over other designs. The strength and lightweight of our steel columns, headers, and floor supports provide a more sturdy structure and reduce trade show drayage costs. Superior engineering lets us set up faster than other structures based on old engineering.

Unparalleled fit and finish

Beautiful continuous panel ceilings conceal the structural elements and at 9′, the blue print for trade show exhibitfeeling on the first floor is open and inviting than standard 8′ heights. Exhibit wall surfaces are virtually seamless.  The look and feel of our rental exhibit properties raises the bar in fit and finish and unlike many available two-story exhibits, our structures are certified for use in convention centers across the nation.
Thank you for visiting us. We’re proud of the personalized attention you’ll receive, our friendly collaborative approach, and the resources we have to make you shine. We understand the importance of putting your best foot forward in front of clients and competitors, as well as the need to stay within a set budget.  As specialists in Double Deck Trade Show Exhibits, we have the knowledge and experience to make your next show, your best show! View photos of designs in our Gallery.

Truly Custom Trade Show Exhibit Design

Two_Story_Trade_Show_Display-BG4040_C_01FrontViewOur Double Deck Rental Exhibits aren’t limited to a few basic designs. Available custom features include our unique two-level upper decks, second store divider walls, mural walls and graphic headers. Fully enclosed conference rooms can include Air Conditioning. Locking doors are standard on all enclosed conference room build-outs. Mural walls can be located in various locations. Some Designs require maximum continuous wall space. (View the Three Story BG4040 Exhibit shown left) Some walls are located at one end or one side of the upper deck structure. Chose wall locations that work for you. Considerations include the optimal traffic flow pattern, produce display requirements, space for flat screen presentations conference rooms. We’ve placed walls in great locations that make the most of each design but you have location choices. Available wall surfaces include frosted acrylic wall panels or continuous image murals. Storage space located below stairways and landings makes full use of valuable floor space. Alternate uses might include computer equipment for large flat screen presentations or any behind-the-scenes equipment you might have.

Access doors are available in four different wall locations to suit your specific needs based on your design. Stair and second level railing panels come with frosted acrylic panels standard or you can change some or all to signage as needed. Credenzas, counters, slat wall, product display shelves and a wealth of custom options..we have the answer to most client exhibit needs.

Double Deck Exhibit Rentals offers a revolutionary new concept in Custom Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

Multi_Level_Booth_Rental-ON5040frontTurnkey exhibit rentals mean more than convenience


(View the Multi-level ON5040 Booth design shown here)

One of the nice things about Turnkey arrangements is that you don’t need to worry about where your mural wall panels and logo signs are going to be for your next show. When the show is over, as far as the exhibit goes, you can just make your way to the nearest relaxation area confident that the exhibit will be dismantled, crated and shipped.

One of a  kind Double Deck Trade Show exhibit display designs

These exhibits literally offer the latest State of Art Design and Engineering! In addition to being certified in ALL convention centers across the country, intelligent design provides design flexibility and a wealth of graphic treatments. In fact, set up requirements so intelligent that we offer low fixed cost Turnkey Rentals!

We’ve even turned high end custom double deck exhibits modular. We offer a number of different configurations for stairs and deck configurations. Whether you purchase or rent, we have knowledgeable trained union set up crews across the country to help make your experience pleasant..so you can concentrate on business!

Our tagline is “Building Relationships Through Design” and that’s what we do best. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you! Image Design and Communications, Inc. is a Full-Service Las Vegas-based Custom Exhibit House. We offer trade show display rentals in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Anaheim.

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