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Eye-Catching 20' Double Deck Exhibit Design

Two-Story Exhibit Design Ideas Double Deck Booth Spaces
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Click the booth size link below or scroll down to see designs for all booth sizes!  View our product overview here.

Options include backlit walls, signs, and meeting rooms! Our latest Double Deck designs provide three choices in each size to help you see your options. Sizes range up to 1000 sq. ft. All designs include a taller-than-industry standard ceiling height of 8’3”. They are structurally sound for both indoor and outdoor use at shows and music festivals. Graphic walls can create larger-than-life murals up to 17’ h. Backlighting options make your graphics come to life in exceptionally brilliant colors with crisp detail.

Prices include transportation, set up and dismantle. We assist in many of your show service forms as part of our turnkey service. Exhibits of all sizes are available. Learn more About Us.

Visit our Gallery Pages to see additional examples of our work.                                                      View new designs for 2023-2024

20′ Wide Booth Spaces

30′ Wide Booth Spaces

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40′ Wide Booth Spaces

50′ Wide Booth Spaces

These Two Story Exhibit Designs remain our most popular

Why? Because they meet the needs of so many exhibitors! 20 ft Exhibit spaces can gain as much as 40% more usable floor space while adding important meeting areas above and lots of storage space below the stairs and landing. The variety of designs and price points make these Two Story Exhibit Designs a hit for savvy exhibitors working within a strategic budget!

Double Deck Trade Show Exhibits For Large Both Spaces

If money were no object, you could spend a ton of money on the flashiest custom exhibit design you can find. You give the exhibit design team free rein to let their imaginations go wild, create something spectacular, hire talented performers, models, and auxiliary staff, and plan a huge demo or performance.

Businesses with a huge product launch trying to pull out all the stops for the next trade show (and who have the sizable budget to do it) may have money in no object orientation. For the rest of us who are a bit more restrained in your budget for exhibit design and your next trade show appearance, you need to pay more attention to value.

Spectacular custom designs like these generally have price tags that grow between shows.

Of course, value doesn’t mean finding the lowest cost or being willing to spend unlimited funds.  When shopping for an exhibit, the goal is to find the best ROI possible. That’s how you maximize value for your business. Avoiding the costs for storage alone can save many thousands of dollars, another benefit of using a custom exhibit rental. Preventing the need for a fully staffed trade show management staff can save even more. Much of the management costs are covered in our rentals, and because we coordinate transportation and labor, the value of peace of mind and the ability to focus on

Also, you must realize that if you make value your number one priority, you may have to sacrifice some quality and flexibility in the process..in purchase scenarios. What you need to know is what your needs are. How often do you attend trade shows? Do you want a presence, or is it your strategy to always make a ‘splash’ at the next trade show? If you aren’t exhibiting more than once a season and your company’s strategy lies more with the former line of thinking, custom rental exhibits are much more affordable.

Our Custom Double Decks attract attention!

Nothing gets more attention than a well-designed Custom Double Deck Exhibit on the show floor! The impressive environment they can provide will make customers feel welcome and create a memorable experience. Free storage of custom elements and graphics adds to their exceptional value. Be sure to check out the wide range of graphic and structure options to customize your exhibit to meet all your trade show marketing needs!

A creative and dynamic two-story, custom double deck exhibit commands attention. Maximizing lines of sight, functionality of the space, and available square footage means there is room for additional meeting space. The added privacy our custom double deck rental exhibits provide can be utilized as a lounge or for hospitality to entertain clients and prospects. These two-story displays increase visibility from across the show floor, commanding attention and allowing for greater creative flexibility while packing a visual punch.

Buying or Renting a Turnkey Two Story Custom Double Deck Exhibit from us means that your transportation set up, and dismantle costs are fixed. Regardless of whether the show has your set up / tear down scheduled for a partial time and half overtime or weekend double time, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll stay within budget. Essentially, you’ll walk onto the trade show floor with your exhibit set up and waiting to go to work for you. When the show is over, your graphics are protected safely in our shipping crates and returned to our warehouse, ready to go for your next show.