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Double Deck Exhibit Rental Options

Turnkey pricing shown includes transportation and labor

Custom Two-Story Exhibit Rentals In Las Vegas

View 40 Double Deck Custom Exhibits, each turnkey priced with transportation and labor included. We cap these costs for your pre-show and give you more control in the selection process. We’ll also coordinate all Show Services Paperwork for you for a modest fee. Unsure whether Double Deck Rentals provide excellent value? Visit the Cost Benefits Page! View  Low Cost, Most Popular, and Featured Designs

Be sure to visit the following pages to see why our custom rentals are built especially for your unique needs.

ImageDesignExhibitRentals features our single-level exhibits and displaysDesign Ideas for Double Deck Exhibits! • Designs with extra meeting and hospitality space! Designs feature backlighting!Furniture and accessories Outdoor Double Deck Designs!  • Double Deck Photo Gallery

All Designs show itemized pricing that includes transportation and labor

Double Deck Exhibit With Offices for 60' Booth Space
Custom Graphics In Trade Show Double Deck Exhibit Rental
Trade Show Double Deck Hospitality Design

This beautiful design features four backlit logo signs, an open floor plan, 24 ft. of wall mural space, under-stairs storage, and a beautiful hospitality area on the second floor.

RIV3050 Elevation

RIV3050 3D View 2

RIV3050 3D View 1

Turnkey Exhibit Rental Solutions in Las Vegas

Cost-effective in the long term

We provide TurnKey service, including transportation, set up, and dismantling labor. We’re familiar with Show Regulations regardless of the venue so you don’t need to worry about that. Our clients avoid these common areas of cost overruns and enjoy the benefits of pre-show, fixed-cost invoicing. You can set a budget for your trade show knowing you’re guaranteed to come close to it when all is said and done.

Letting us handle the work instead of your own busy staff lets them sell and focus on their core responsibilities. That makes good management sense. It also lets booth staff feel refreshed and motivated at the show. We take care of the time-consuming complexity of managing transportation and graphics production for you. You avoid the hassle of storing the trade show display yourself… or paying someone else for storage. Working with a company that can coordinate Turnkey Trade Show Rentals nationwide makes the difference!

We use our Las Vegas location for warehousing an ample supply of our modular single-level and double-deck rental exhibit components. We have a tremendous advantage over other suppliers because of our modular inventory. The variety of 10 ft. displays, as well as 20×20 Island Exhibit designs available, exceed the needs of most exhibitors.

We prevent cost overruns that can be as much as $20,000 on large double decks. The pre-show price we invoice you for is your price, regardless of the setup days and hours. Union installation / dismantle labor and transportation are the two most common sources of cost overruns. True turnkey service provides many more benefits! See more information about exhibit rentals in Las Vegas

Double Deck Exhibit Rentals.com gives you peace of mind, knowing that you won’t have surprise costs that get billed after the show

A purchase scenario requires a minimum financial commitment of about $200,00 to purchase, store, and manage labor and transportation. Plus, you’re locked into that for many years, and when it’s time to sell your Double Deck property, the resale value is far less than expected.

We provide many design ideas to help you find the perfect solution to your trade show marketing needs! Visit the About Us page to learn more about our two-story exhibits for more information. Learn more about How we work here.

A New Concept in Custom Double Deck Exhibits

We offer a wealth of design and cost information that gives you peace of mind in making informed decisions. You’ll see design ideas that meet your unique needs and get a good idea of what your budget can do. The price and design options the double deck trade show exhibit rentals concept offers to save you valuable time and put the information at your fingertips at a time convenient to you.

Turnkey Service, Fixed, Pre-show Costing

Turnkey pricing means your costs for Transportation and Labor are included in our published prices.  This is an important issue because many exhibitors ask What renting a Double Deck Exhibit costs. We’ll work with you to find the best solution to your trade show marketing needs! Our range of experience enables us to provide value-added services like input on marketing, graphic design, recommendations on the best graphic materials to use, and planning for the future today. Together, these things provide exceptional value and a higher ROI. You’ll find a welcome trade show marketing partner with all Image Design and Communications, Inc. divisions.
View more information about the cost benefits of rentals.

Beautiful Two-Story Exhibit Designs Are Customized For You. Exhibit Rentals don’t need to be standard cookie-cutter style. Particularly in the competitive Las Vegas market, you must put your best foot forward. We encourage you to call or email our highly experienced staff to discuss your exhibit rental or purchasing needs. Our 20+ years of experience mean we’ve seen and been through everything this industry offers. After completing your order for your Las Vegas trade show exhibit, we’ll be there to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Excellent value

Double Decks continues to provide the most significant value for Las Vegas exhibitors from across the country. Again, the benefits of an extensive inventory and the ability to take advantage of modular engineering provide us with many unique advantages. Aside from cost savings, the range of available designs is impressive. Sizes range from 10 x 10 decks to larger mega decks, as well as creative solutions for outdoor shows like ConExpo! Visit this section of our website to learn more about the wide variety of solutions to design and budget requirements we offer.

We want your next show to be your best, coming in at or under budget, and we want you to have more control over the process. We understand that many exhibitors who rent custom exhibits want to use Double Decks, but the process’s complexity is an obstacle.

We offer a wealth of design and cost information that gives you peace of mind when making informed decisions. You’ll see design ideas that benefit your unique needs and get a good idea of what your budget can do.

The price and design options the Double Deck Exhibit Rentals.com concept offers save you valuable time and put the information at your fingertips at a convenient time.