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Custom exhibit rentals in Las Vegas

How we work

You’ll immediately appreciate friendly, professional communications about your exhibit marketing needs. We’ll review design options that interest you and discuss options that will help to customize your design specifically to your needs. Please scroll down to see our show services coordination options.

Once you select a design, we’ll provide clear graphics size and location specs that your designer will appreciate! Once finalized, we’ll provide a photo-realistic rendering of the finished design with your graphics. Pre-production graphic proofs are sent for your final approval.

Additional design time

Design time is billed at $125 hr. and credited 75% when you order. ($31.35 hr.) Placing your production-ready graphics on a final design is provided at N/C.

 • 10 x 10 exhibits are often accomplished simply by selecting the exhibit that works best for you from our extensive design selection. Design time is billed except for graphic placement

10 x 20 exhibits receive the first 2 hours free.

Island exhibits receive the first 5 hours free.

• Double Deck Exhibits receive the first 10 hours free.

A wide range of design options

Renting a trade show display in Las Vegas is a cost-effective way to put your best foot forward without breaking the bank. Our inventory of modular display components enables us to provide customized displays that are tailor-made for you.  Many of our designs provide semi-private meeting areas. We offer several workstation styles that are efficient and eye-catching.  We specialize in trade show graphics that provide brilliant color and crisp detail to deliver your marketing message memorably!

Cost-saving service

Renting your exhibit lets you avoid the high cost of the initial purchase and the cost of storing the exhibit. Because you’re only dealing with one company, we can coordinate graphics production and all logistics. We are a relationship-based company. We’re about as close as it gets to having your own full-time Trade Show Marketing Department!

Image Design Exhibit Rentals is one of very few exhibit companies that provide true turnkey Service in Las Vegas and other venues. We offer an unprecedented number of exhibit design options with itemized pricing. The range of designs lets you explore at your convenience and fine-tune your objectives as you compare and contrast design functionality.

Turnkey convenience – reasonable cost

We save you time and money and let your staff focus on key responsibilities and show preparation.  That’s a big plus! Cost overruns generally occur from show labor and transportation and we cap these costs pre-show, regardless of whether set up and tear down is at straight time of double-time per the show schedule. This is what we specialize in and we’ve assembled an arsenal of exhibit professionals that work in a coordinated fashion.

White-Glove TurnKey Show Services Coordination

We’ll coordinate ALL Show Services forms for you for a flat 15% fee! We already coordinate graphic production, labor, and transportation as part of our published pricing. However, ordering other services for material handling, electricity, carpet, rigging, and other services can be time-consuming and complex. Larger Double Deck exhibits often require additional supplies that, when shipped separately, are charged individually, at a premium rate. We’ll consolidate these for you in our warehouse. Most custom houses charge 35%-50% for this service ( including labor which we already coordinated).

Show forms and coordination.

During production, many clients need assistance with Show Services forms. The cost of labor and coordinating set up and dismantle is included in our prices. We assist with the show-required EAC Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Form. Once complete, we’ll provide the Certificate of Insurance the show requires. When it gets close to the setup date, we’ll provide the approximate day, and the time your setup will begin, along with contact information for our supervisor.

Sample Exhibit Designs

Double Decks

The ME2020 is one of our most popular Double Deckers in Las Vegas! It offers great functionality in a 20′ x 20′ or larger booth space. It features an expansive 17′ mural wall, brilliantly illuminated with ceiling-mounted lights. The straight staircase and landing is positioned behind the mural wall, available for storage space as well. The 9 x 17 upper deck is large enough to create two distinct meeting areas or host a private cocktail party.

The EX2020 is a two-story design with a unique three-level design, uncommon in two-story exhibits. It features a brilliantly illuminated space with ceiling-mounted lights. The straight staircase and landing is positioned behind the mural wall, available for storage space as well.

Our newest design feature new brilliantly backlit graphic options. The HP2030 design features a large backlit graphic.

We specialize in exhibit rentals from 10 ft. Inline displays to Double Deck exhibits. TurnKey pricing includes transportation, set up, and dismantle on a fixed-cost pre-show invoice. We provide approval proofs for your graphics with a final photorealistic rendering showing exactly what it will look like!

Single-level exhibit options

Image Design Exhibit Rentals shows our full range of exhibits. Many of our rental display designs also include Slatwall for displaying a large number of products. We offer several styles that combine different sizes of Slatwall panels so that you can find the optimum combination of graphics and product display space. The IM73S Slatwall design for 10×20 booth spaces is a perfect example! The IM73-S 20′ back wall adds two 4′ slat wall panels for product display space to the IM73 V1. The expansive features a giant graphic mural wall that delivers your message in a powerful way. The overhead 20′ logo sign provides plenty of room for both logo and tagline.

Backlighting provides visual appeal, and we take it a step further with architectural style silhouette lighting as well!

Our island exhibit designs excel at providing open space and height for greater visibility as well. Our COV2020 Open floor plan design provides exceptional value. The COV2020 open floor plan design offers a stylized design with great visibility on the trade show floor. Tall super-sized billboard graphics and bridge headers make a bold impression with this open floor plan exhibit design. The towering 15′ height is easily seen throughout the show floor.  Our modular components provide sturdy structural integrity that results in a comfortable open environment for your customers.

The PAL2020 is one of our most popular trade show island rental designs, with good reason. A unique towering display design that provides exceptional value. It’s an amazing value in a TurnKey exhibit rental, with a cost for the structure at just $7600! (Including fixed cost transportation and labor!)

We do more than Rentals!

We can assist your display needs with the full range of products we offer for purchase, in addition to our low fixed-cost rental displays. Our sister sites are shown at the bottom of our Home Page and provide lightweight, portable displays, printed fabric and aluminum, banner stands, and much more. As a division of Image Design and Communications, Inc., we are oriented toward the big picture. That means effectively communicating your message on the show floor. Our designers will assist with graphics and design so that when you rent your booth display, it will be perfectly suited to your needs. …When it’s time to get down to business, we help you do it and look great at the same time!

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Las Vegas, NV 89119
Phone:(818) 563-3322
E-mail: Sales@ImageDesignCom.com

When you work with Image Design & Communications Exhibit Rentals, our services go beyond simply renting you the perfect exhibit or truss rental display. We are a full-service company offering complete exhibit services.

Policy and Terms

Our policies and terms are part of our partnership in ensuring a great exhibit rental experience. Please review the details.

Venue Fees

Fees we must add to our Turnkey Exhibit Rentals outside Las Vegas

Featured Double Deck exhibits from Double Deck Exhibit Rentals

Trade Show Double Deck With Private Meeting Room for 20 ft Booth Space

The EL2020 V2 20′ design is our most economical deck

Popular Design for Trade Show Double Deck

The UC2020V2 is our most popular 20×20 design

Double Deck Rental Design for 20 x 30 Booth Space

The HP2530 V2 provides large logo graphics in 30’ booth spaces

Double Deck Trade Show Rental with Three Meeting Rooms and Open Floor Plan

The BP2040 provides three spacious offices upstairs

Double Deck Exhibit Design -Aerial View 2

The GB5050 woodgrain design provides lots of meeting, storage, and hospitality space, for booth sizes 50×50 and larger

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