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Why Rent a Double Deck Exhibit Display?

We’ve developed relationships with partners across the country who specialize in Booth I&D Labor, trade show freight, regional warehousing and specialized graphics production. By working together in a coordinated fashion, we can provide excellent service at a competitive price. Our two trade show booth rental websites offer a vast array of options with eye-catching graphics to draw your best prospects to you. Turnkey pricing means your costs for Transportation and Labor is included in our published prices. We’ll work with you to find the best solution to your trade show marketing needs! Our range of experience enables us to provide value-added services like input on marketing, graphic design, recommendations on the best graphic materials to use and planning ahead for the future today. Together these things provide exceptional value and a higher ROI.

The benefits of renting your next trade show exhibit

Flexibility in updating your branding

If you foresee your company going through branding changes in the near future, you should consider renting. You can always add different graphics to a booth, but if you want to change the layout of your booth to go along with rebranding changes, renting will make the transition much easier. Renting your booth gives you the benefit of a temporary booth until you are ready for your rebranded permanent solution.

Flexibility in booth sizes and layouts

Renting gives you the option to reconfigure your booth to different booth spaces. If your company is exhibiting at multiple trade shows with different floor plan spaces, purchasing a booth will make it hard for you to accommodate varying sizes. If you have a 10×20 space in Las Vegas and a 10×10 in New York, renting makes it easier for you to accommodate the changing exhibit spaces. Renting two separate booths gives you significant flexibility when dealing with multiple show spaces and budgets.

Reduce costs when multiple exhibits are needed

If you have a trade show you are going to in the beginning of April in Chicago, for example, and you have another show the following week in Los Angeles, the turnaround time would be near impossible.

In this case it is easier for you to rent two separate ones than to buy only one and risk it arriving at a show late. Renting gives you the option to have multiple booths in different locations at the same time rather than paying the full price of having two separate booths.

Reduce your liabilities

Owning your booth will lead to considerations such as, maintenance, storage, insurance, and disposal fees.

Flexibility managing different show regulations from venue to venue

Renting allows you to adjust your booth to those rules, for example renting makes it easier to manage a variety of height restrictions. When going to multiple trade shows in a year, you can experience different rules and regulations depending on the show.

Expanding from 10×10 to 20 ft. in-line and island booth spaces.

When your size expands beyond 10×10, the buying costs typically begin to outweigh the renting cost. The bigger and more complex your booth becomes, the higher the price is.

Convenient Nationwide Trade Show Coordination Service

Maintaining a consistent marketing message is one of the most important factors in success. We can coordinate your graphics and the logistics for all of your shows nationwide, with the same messaging. We provide smaller exhibit rental options that include transportation in labor through Truss Rental Displays.com. If you prefer to handle local shows with portable or modular exhibits, we offer quality US made products through Trade Show Pop Up Displays.com

Reduced costs when renting your customized exhibit

*SAVE ON SHIPPING: Trade Show Truss Rental Displays deals with shipping the booth to and from the venue (drayage not included). No hunting around for the best shipping rates.

 *SAVE ON TIME & LABOR: No need to worry about how much to budget for set it up. Your low fixed costs are known immediately.

 *SAVE ON STORAGE: Storing a large, bulky trade show exhibit can be a hassle and paying to have it stored can be costly.

 *SAVE ON MAINTENANCE AND UPKEEP: You arrive on the show floor confident your display booth is ready.

 * CHANGE DISPLAY TYPE OR CONFIGURATION: By renting a trade how exhibit, you can adjust the size and configuration of your display for every show.

 *  MULTIPLE SHOWS AT ONCE IN DIFFERENT VENUES: Many of our clients go months without a need only to suddenly require 2 or 3 exhibits in different places across the country at approximately the same time.

 *SAVE ON HEADACHES: Trade shows can be confusing and frustrating. Our knowledgeable staff has been in the trade show industry for many years and can help you with most questions and situations.

We are here to help. That’s why the tagline of our Corporate parent, Image Design and Communications, Inc has the tagline “Building Relationships Through Design”. Relationships is what this industry is all about!

It’s about cost savings and effective marketing!

Using state of the art truss, we’ve developed a wide range of well-designed trade show truss booth displays for rent that offer exceptional value to both new and experienced trade show exhibitors in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago and Anaheim. We offer a number of unique custom exhibit options including laminate finishes, slat wall and product shelves and large seamless high resolution printed fabric murals. Turnkey display rentals make good dollars and sense. You’ll find that renting your next display and adding custom graphic design is cost-effective and hassle-free. The ability to actually know what your costs will be is a great advantage to companies wanting to maintain a specific trade show marketing budget.

You’ve found an excellent partner in ensuring your success at Trade Shows!

Double Deck Exhibit Rentals is part of the Image Design and Communications, Inc. family of trade show exhibit sales and rental companies. We serve exhibitors nationwide. Our range of experience enables us to provide value-added services like input on marketing, graphic design, recommendations on the best graphic materials to use and planning ahead for the future today. Together these things provide value and a higher ROI.