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How much does it cost to rent a Two Story Exhibit In Las Vegas?

The cost of time spent managing your exhibit.

We specialize in renting Double Decks in Las Vegas and other areas. It’s what we do. TurnKey Service means just that. We start with the design process and establish the perfect look and functionality you need. Generally, at that point, you’ll know exactly what your total cost will be. There are no surprises!

We bill transportation and set up, and dismantle labor on one pre-show invoice. However, we assist in a number of ways during the production process. During the design process, we anticipate electrical requirements based on everything in your booth space. Some clients have specialized equipment or pre-existing exhibit properties that are to be combined in the same booth space.

We’ll provide a grid map with dimensions indicating your main electric drop and outlet locations throughout your booth space. We indicate how many amps are required at all locations. This is a show requirement and a very important one! Nothing starts until the electric is down before the carpet is laid.

Part of that includes a booth orientation diagram that allows everyone involved to be certain which direction is front by indicating adjacent booth space numbers. Oftentimes, this is dealt with early on because booth location often affects the design. Again, because we do this all the time, reviewing the Exhibitor Guide and viewing the trade show floor map is often required early on.

Minimum and maximum costs

The minimum cost to rent a TurKey Double Deck is about $27,000 in Las Vegas. The average low cost is about $35,000 for our most popular exhibit in Las Vegas, the ME2020, complete with graphics. That includes transportation to and from the show, set up, and dismantle labor. The next closest Double Deck design is the EX2020 Tri-level exhibit, two-level upper deck and the 10 ft. h ceiling under the raised portion at ground level, which are quite unique! The maximum cost for us is about $200,000 for our largest Double Deck designs. Again, we provide published pricing and itemization for each design we offer.

Costs include graphics as well. We provide easy-to-understand graphics callout spec sheets and pre-production proofs for your approval. Once your design is finalized, we provide a photorealistic rendering showing your graphics! We utilize a number of different graphic materials, each perfectly suited for the particular application required.

TurnKey Trade Show Services Management

When exhibitors use show labor, the required forms specify set up and dismantle times precisely. We look at your target move-in date and establish that for you. We need to do that to ensure that your exhibit is complete and ready to go on the deadline. This touches on another cost that many clients don’t need to consider—overtime vs. Straight time Union Labor billing. We provide a fixed cost invoice for set up and dismantle regardless of the show-mandated schedule. This is one of the most common areas of cost overruns. Labor rates are often over $100 per hour. Overtime is time and a half making it $150. Sometimes it can go to $200 hr. Multiply that x 3-4 set-up people, it can easily be over $500 hr. You don’t need to worry about that when working with TurnKey Trade Show Exhibit Rentals. Labor cost is fixed on one pre-show invoice.

Other Show Services Management requirements

We provide the necessary EAC (Exhibitor Appointed Contract) forms and insurance certificates the show requires. This, along with correct electric grid maps, relate to the fundamentals. If you need assistance with other show forms, we can help.

Back to the basics

In addition to the cost of time managing the process for each show, evaluating the cost of renting vs. ownership includes many factors. Key among them is storage. After that, most exhibit houses bill for pre-show and post-show set-up at their facility in order to assess damages that require repair and assure that there are no surprises at the next show. It’s like set up and dismantle labor three times for each show. So storage and management between shows can cost a lot of money you save when renting.

The total cost benefit of renting your custom Double Deck

Ultimately, you receive discounted labor because that cost is established during the quoting process, despite show mandated set up hours which may or may not be at straight-time hourly rates. The cost of the time required of your staff when you manage your exhibit includes the price of things they cannot do. Managing the process is time-consuming.

The Cost To Purchase A Double Deck Ranges From $60k To $250k On Average. Storage, Management, Transportation and Labor Costs Add Up Fast!

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