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Frequently Asked Trade Show Booth Questions and Answers

This division of Image Design and Communications focuses on larger size exhibits but in the end, what matters most is the basics of trade show marketing. That doesn’t change no matter what size booth space you have. With 30 years of industry experience, we understand the basics that apply to trade show displays from portables to showcase exhibits for large corporations.

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  1. Are Trade Shows really worth attending?
  2. How do I know which type of exhibit will best suit my need?
  3. When is a Panel Exhibit System the answer?
  4. What is a “Pop Up” Exhibit System?
  5. What is the Total Solution approach?
  6. How can I fine-tune my sales and marketing message at shows?
  7. How can our trade show exhibit staff help us get the most out of the show?
  8. How does color affect the effectiveness of my exhibit?
  9. What rule of thumb should guide me where to place my exhibit graphics?
  10. Why not show all our product features, or the full list of services we offer?
  11. How much literature should we bring?
  12. How can we plan for success once we’ve taken care of all the details before and during the show?
  13. What is the 6-second rule?

1. Are Trade Shows really worth attending?”

Absolutely! There is no better value for your Trade Show Marketing dollar. In fact, Trade Shows are the Premiere Source of buying information and 50% of the leads at a show are closed without a sales call. Also, 9% of these leads are closed with only 1 sales call and another 17% with only 2 sales calls. All in all, trade shows and conventions generated leads cost an amazing 45% less to close than field sales calls. Now that’s Smart Money Management!

In addition, there is a greater opportunity to be brought up to date on the latest trends and developments. Not to mention the opportunity to discuss specific issues with industry professionals.
For more information contact the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) at www.ceir.org.

2. How do I know which type of exhibit will best suit my need?

Your Image Design Custom Trade Show Exhibit Specialist will assist you in determining the most effective solution for your Exhibit Program. By examining the function of your booth—why you’re exhibiting, what you want to accomplish with your Tradeshow Booth and how that will be done (i.e. product demonstration, conference areas, computer workstations, graphic images, product display etc.)—the appropriate exhibit system recommendations will be made.

3. When is a Panel System the answer?

Various factors determine the answer. One scenario is when your Exhibit program dictates that you need design flexibility. You may have a 30’x40′ Trade Show Island Booth at one show, a 20’ Linear Exhibit at another, and then a 10’ Exhibit Booth at yet another. Panels Systems do this very well. Panel system displays are excellent for displaying your products. And, then there is the need for locking storage areas, a private trade show booth conference area and computer work stations. What about the plasma screen? Are we forgetting anything?

For moderate are especially cost saving Exhibit Systems, your Image Design Exhibit Specialist would most likely suggest the Abex 500 & 600 Panel Systems. Sophisticated, Custom Trade Show Exhibit requirements are best met using the Abex 900 Laminate System. With elegant detailing and full function capabilities, the Abex “Best of Show” Panel System Exhibit wins the award for design versatility. To see design examples just click on EXHIBITS.

4. What is a “Pop-Up” exhibit system?

A Pop-Up exhibit is an expanding geodesic frame which opens up to become a wall in a matter of seconds! This is the most Portable Display and it’s the perfect solution to large format Trade Show Graphics and exhibitors with back to back shows.
From a Marketing and Advertising standpoint, your latest ad may be the best image for your trade show exhibit. Remember that continuity builds recall. And, your Image Design and Communications Exhibit Specialist can recommend additional accessories for a Total Solution approach.

5. What is the Total Solution approach?

Image Design & Communications specializes in Trade Show Marketing solutions. We create unique and effective Tradeshow Exhibits, Graphics, Corporate ID Programs and we can assist with logistical support.
In addition to your trade show exhibit design, we can provide tension fabric structures, truss, laser cut logos, carpeting, table covers with your logo imprinted on the fabric, custom graphic treatments, pre-show promotional programs and thematic tie-ins. The Total Solution!

6. How can I fine-tune my sales and marketing message at shows?

An effective Trade Show Exhibit distinguishes you from your competition. Your Marketing Objectives can be clarified by asking yourself a few simple questions.

  1. What do customers think is most valuable about our competitor’s products and services?
  2. What might induce them to switch to us? (Specific product or service related)
  3. What are the main complaints customers have about our products and services and of our competitors products and services.
  4. Who do they see as market leaders and why?
  5. Which customer needs go unfulfilled?
  6. What is the key factor in their buying decision?
  7. How are changes in the industry and current conditions influencing them now?
  8. MOST IMPORTANTLY do your clients and prospects have a clear association between your company name (Corporate Identity) and the way you present your products?

You can find the right position for your company and products by answering these questions. At Image Design we know that by partnering with our client, our function as their consultant can often help a company determine the right focus and communicate that with great results on the show floor!

7. How can our trade show exhibit staff help us get the most out of the show?

Make your company’s goals and objectives clear at a Pre-show Staff Meeting. Clear goals and how you intend to achieve them will help employees feel like part of an actual team with a clear goal. Challenge them with a mission!
Here are some topics to cover that will help everyone participate as a team:

  1. What are the general and specific objectives in attending this Trade Show?
  2. What elements in our Marketing Strategy are going to help us attain each general and specific objective?
  3. Identify what role each booth staffer will assume. You might assign roles according to product line, geographical area, type of industry or physical location in the booth. Perhaps one person can be assigned to collect leads, replenish literature, take a message or re-direct a potential or current client to the right exhibit staffer.

8. How does color affect the effectiveness of my exhibit?

Color creates subconscious impressions. Here are some examples:

  • Red: Excitement, Passion. But don’t overdo it!
  • Green: Freshness, Health, Growth, masculinity
  • Yellow: Happy, Sunny, Visibility
  • Blue: Official Appearance, Trustworthiness, soothing
  • Purple: Bravery, Lawfulness, Regal
  • Silver: Conservative, Contemporary, Sleek, Upscale
  • Black: Formal, Design, To The Point
  • White: Purity, Elegance, cleanliness
  • Brown: Strength, Fertility, Earthiness
  • Gray: Wisdom, Strength, Conservative

Your Exhibit Booth Structure and the Tradeshow Graphics you use will ultimately determine how you are perceived. Judicious use of your corporate logo, the shape and colors, is of course the your best method of reinforcing name recognition and brand awareness.

9. What rule of thumb should guide me where to place my exhibit graphics?

Generally, there is a hierarchy of placement order:

  1. Company name, identification at the highest point
  2. Tagline or defining statement
  3. Three to four broad product categories, departments, service levels

Beyond this, Tradeshow Exhibit graphics depart from the Marketing side and enter the sales side. Remember that the Exhibit Booth is for Marketing. The people handle the sales! Mixing the two will loose comprehension and recall.

10. Why not show all our product features, or the full list of services we offer?

The Answer is simple! Tradeshows are full of distractions! People can only absorb and retain so much information. They talk with lots of people and just the sheer amount of visual distraction at a show can be overwhelming. Its quality here, not quantity!
The exhibit’s job is to focus and reinforce your primary message. If people remember anything about you, what do you want it to be? Your sales staff best handles the smaller details, as they begin to build or enhance the company’s relationship with the customer.

11. How much literature should we bring?

Many experts feel the best bet it to mail literature after or during the show. You don’t want your expensive literature to land in the hotel or convention center wastebasket, which happens more often than you want to know. Here’s an idea! Fax names and addresses of who you want the literature mailed out to at the end of the show each day, with a pre-arranged show letter. Your prospects will be amazed at the speed of your response!

12. How can we plan for success once we’ve taken care of all the details before and during the show?

After the show, you may want to rest but this is when you need to make the most of your investment. The leads and contacts developed at the Tradeshow need a personal letter and a phone call at the very least. Plan to distribute leads immediately after the show. Following up on the fruits of your labor after the show can make all the difference in the world! Better yet, include a reminder of your exhibit theme or some pleasant association of your exhibit.

13. What is the 6-second rule?

You have, on average, 6 seconds to meet and evaluate a visitor to your exhibit, based on how many people you need to qualify and speak with at a show. Time is compressed at a tradeshow; It’s a very precious commodity. Know how to courteously disengage from an unlikely prospect, when to turn over some prospects to the right exhibit staffer and when to take over for them when they need to speak with someone else. Plan for success and be sure everyone in the Trade Show Booth Space knows their assigned role! The people that need you on the show floor will really appreciate it!