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GSE Expo Deck Trade Show Exhibit Rentals 

The GSE Expo in Las Vegas is the ground support equipment industry’s premier event, with outdoor spaces to accommodate ground support equipment. The show is great for networking, information exchange, and face-to-face access to the latest products, services, and technologies.

Double Deck Exhibits are popular in the outdoor exhibit areas for GSE. Our offerings include Sunbrella shade canopies, which generally add about 15% to the same designs intended for indoor convention center use. Canopies on outdoor decks are designed to withstand wind gusts of 55 mph which are not uncommon in Las Vegas.

Two Story Trade Show Exhibit Rentals Cost A Fraction Of Ownership h2

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Avoid The Cost And Headaches Of Managing Transportation And Labor 

Two Story Exhibit Desigin for GSE Expo
17 x 10 foot print design
Large Double Deck Exhibit Design for GSE Expo
30 x 17 foot print design

View Design options for outdoor double Decks

Double Deck Exhibit Rentals provides over 30 designs with published pricing, including transportation and labor. These can be designed in various configurations and customized to meet your specific branding and marketing objectives—options such as custom graphics, lighting, and interactive displays.

Outdoor Two Story Exhibit Structure
Outdoor Two Story Exhibit Structure
Two Story Trade Show Exhibit Used Outdoors
Outdoor Double Deck Trade Show Exhibit

Fine-tuning your Design

We begin with CAD drawings of what you have in mind, which include floor plans that let you see how much space for product display, workstations, and Bistro Tables and stools for meetings. Graphic specs are provided for your artwork, and received are placed on a photo-realistic rendering to see precisely what your exhibit will look like on the trade show floor, along with turnkey pricing that includes transportation and installation. You get one pre-show, fixed-cost invoice that lets you stick to your budget without surprises.

We provide specialized expertise and assist with required permits or approvals by Clark County (Las Vegas) and design services that customize your exhibit to have a look and feel that delivers your message.

Options for indoor 20 ft displays and custom island displays.

Modular trade show exhibit design idea for island booth space
Indoor exhibit with semi-private meeting space
Example of an in-line trade show exhibit used in an island booth space
10 ft. x 20 ft. Linear Exhibit used in an Island booth space

More information about the GSE show in Las Vegas 

GSE features everything from pushbacks to baggage carts – all displayed by top manufacturers and suppliers. Live product demonstrations and other interactive opportunities provide a uniquely valuable experience to see the latest advancements in action. GSE delivers a platform for manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers of GSE to network, showcase products, and discuss industry trends and developments.

Types of Ground Support Equipment featured at the GSE Trade Show in Las Vegas 

Ground support equipment (GSE) is a broad category that includes various equipment used to support aircraft operations on the ground.

Some common types of GSE equipment include

There are many other types of GSE, including de-icing equipment, water service trucks, catering trucks, and more. The specific types of GSE used at an airport depend on the size and type of aircraft being serviced and the specific needs of the airport and airlines operating there.Sample of Aircraft tug for GSE Expo
Aircraft tugs vehicles are designed to move aircraft on the ground, typically by attaching to the aircraft’s nose or main landing gear.
Baggage carts
These vehicles transport baggage and cargo between the terminal and the aircraft.
Passenger boarding stairs
These mobile staircases allow passengers to board and disembark from the aircraft.
Aircraft refueling trucks
Aircraft refueling trucks are vehicles designed to transport and dispense fuel to aircraft.
Ground power units
These are machines that provide electrical power to aircraft while they are parked at the gate.
Air conditioning units
These are machines that provide conditioned air to aircraft while they are parked at the gate.

Lavatory service trucksLavatory Service Truck sample for GSE Expo
These are vehicles used to empty and clean the lavatories on aircraft.

Maintenance equipment
These include various tools and equipment for aircraft maintenance and repair, such as hydraulic jacks, engine stands, and maintenance lifts.