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Custom Double Deck Exhibit Design Options For The Look You Want On The Trade Show Floor

Objective-Based Trade Show Exhibit Design

It’s all about intelligent, effective design. Creativity sells. The quality of exhibit design has increased dramatically over the past few years.  Exhibits become much more than a reception desk, lounge area, and demo stations. They’ve become storytellers.OP3020v3_Wr3_rev1

We understand the importance of a comfortable, well-equipped meeting space that provides appropriate privacy in our Double Decks. That’s what good custom exhibit design is all about! Lounge spaces within the booth, with phone charging areas and comfortable seating, are becoming more popular, and again, Double Decks provide tremendous opportunities in this area.

“It’s not what it is — it’s what it does.” It’s not enough for a Double Deck to look nice or be appealing. It has to perform. Good design should be a given. However, ingenuity in customer engagement isn’t a given and is often missing. Make an impression on attendees with your exhibit, with a prominent brand statement, modern, appealing architecture, lights, color, movement, and style. Leaving it to the sales team, some demos, and a meeting room is insufficient.

An effective custom Double Deck Exhibit design has to be an engaging experience.



A compelling exhibit is not a storefront, and Double Deck Exhibits provide a superior canvas for creating the perfect exhibit to do that. Attendees are done with smoke and mirrors.  Our policy is to work smart, be creative, and represent our client’s brand perfectly.

Innovative solutions in fabric graphics

Silicon Edge Graphics have allowed designers to evolve beyond the traditional square corners we are used to seeing on many exhibits. They can be attached to curved aluminum frames and even custom shapes. This allows your exhibit to maximize the area used for graphics while being creative with infinite design capabilities of the shapes used for walls, partitions, and backdrops.

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