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Trade Shows 101

Having enough trade show information and exhibit displays makes all the difference in the world. Trade shows play an important roll in all industries as well as non-commercial fields such as academia, science and more. The primary function of a trade show is to provide a venue for those with common interests to gather together and form relationships or share information. Generally, the desired outcome relates to commerce and various forms of networking.

The first forms of trade shows were bazaars, town and regional markets where buyers and sellers could meet in one area to buy and sell food or various kinds of supplies. Today, trade shows still perform that function although many have a national or global reach. Purchases at the show itself are typical in the gift and clothing industries buy generally, trade shows today are used to spotlight a company’s products and services in an environment primarily focused on those who have a specific interest in that area.

Exhibitors generally focus on launching new products and services as well a making existing wares available for new customers. Their goal is to tell their story on the show floor in a memorable way that distinguishes them from others. That task can be daunting before it’s not always easy to stand out in an environment where everyone present tries to stand out. Sensory overload is a factor to consider at all shows, whether visual or trade show information. The exhibitor must present their message as concise and visible as possible and this is accomplished in several ways.

Here is some great trade show information that will help make your next show a great success!

What makes or breaks success on the trade show floor

Visibility and proximity are the number one factors. If you are in a back corner of the trade show floor where most people don’t go, that’s a problem that could be overcome by visibility from a hanging sign or higher that normal structures.

If the booth space is well located, visibility could still be a problem. An island booth space surrounded by larger and taller exhibits is more visible since it’s out in the open and approachable from four sides. However, if there isn’t a visual anchor like tall center tower, substantial corner workstations defining the space or a hanging sign, sometimes despite it’s location, it gets lost in the midst of more solid structures and signage around it.

In-line 10’ x 10’ or 10’ x 20’ displays have a height limit of 8’ and depend on compelling graphic design and an effective platform to hold those graphics. Chopped up wall spaces or small signed placed on a larger wall are ineffective.


What our clients are saying: “This is the first company I’ve worked with, where the actual exhibit looks better than the renderings. “

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