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Double Deck Tradeshow Rental Exhibit | TE2030 Upper Left

Rent the TE3020 Double Deck Exhibit for Your Next Tradeshow

The TE2030 double deck tradeshow exhibit is our most economical double deck exhibit rental. It uses a base 9 x 9 deck with a simple straight stairway. Its simplicity lends an elegance that can be used to great effect. The long straight staircase running along the length of the booth space seemingly in mid air lends itself to making a dramatic entrance. Imagine if you will a beautiful/handsome model bringing your product elegantly down to the show floor with dramatic lighting and fanfare. Or likewise, really wow your potential client as you ascend to your island in the sky. One of the best parts of a double deck exhibit, either as a rental or purchase, the upper deck can be your eye catching and functional centerpiece while much of the ground level is left open for showing product and beginning relationships with potential clients. Head up the staircase to the upper deck to seal the deal and celebrate. Downstairs, the two walls create a nice semi-enclosed place to exhibit product or as a casual meeting area.

Double Deck Tradeshow Rental Exhibit | TE2030 Lower Left

Double Deck Tradeshow Rental Exhibit | TE2030 Lower Middle

Double Deck Tradeshow Rental Exhibit | TE2030 Lower Right




  • Structural truss system with 9′ x 9′ second level
  • Lounge Furniture, first level table and chairs
  • Wall frames
  • Rails
  • Deck Boards
  • 1/4” frosted plex rail infills
  • Unprinted sintra infills and wall panels
  • Straight Stairway
  • Ceiling with 8 Telescopic Lights
  • 8 Literature Shelves
  • 4 slat wall merchandising stands
  • Est. weight 4,000 pounds


  • Laptop shelves – $220 / each
  • Column mount workstations – $380 / each
  • Column mount swivel LCD mounts – $175
  • Column mount fixed LCD mounts – $150
  • Small curved sign w/ graphic and 2 lights – $1,988
  • Large LCD mount – $350 / each




  • 2 Rectangle designer counters w/ shelf and graphics – $1,145 / each
  • 2 Large reception counters outside
  • 36” Diameter meeting table – $325 / each
  • 4 Curve back pack chairs – $149 / each
  • 2 4-shelf lit racks – $280 / each
  • 2 Full Height Walls
  • 1 Coffee table – $1,008 / each
  • 4 Leather lounge chairs – $650 / each estimated
  • 4 Freestanding slat wall merchandisers – $1,628
  • 2 6’ Long counter  w/ graphics – $1,948 / each
  • 1 Additional crate – $985 / each



  • Graphics Package A | Upper signage: $2,463
  • Graphics Package B | Lower signage: $4,332
  • Graphics Package C | Upper and Lower Signage: $4,926
  • Cost of printed infill columns: $2,720

More Info about The TE2030

The usual frosted Plexiglas is replaced with printed 1/4” sintra graphic rail panels. Freestanding merchandising units are used to hold packaged small products. Minimum floor space required 9 ft. x 24 ft.

Make sure your name and image get out there with printing available on the lower “wedge” wall, under deck feature wall, and upper deck railing infill panels. Now we can also offer printed graphics on the stair risers. You can create some great visual effects experimenting with continuous images going up or individual messages that reveal as you ascend. Customize your rental exhibit with any number of accessories and additional signage to make your double deck stand out. When traditional island tradeshow exhibits just don’t pack enough punch or you need more room than your convention space allows, a compact double deck exhibit may be just the solution you’re looking for.

All of our double deck tradeshow exhibits are approved for use in all major American venues including the Anaheim Convention Center in Orange County, CA.